When we inspect the property we will require the following information:-

  • We will ask to see proof of your ownership or tenancy of the property
  • If you own the property, then we will need to see the Title Deeds, mortgage statement, or correspondence from your mortgage provider
  • If you rent the property, then we will need to see a current tenancy agreement, and a utility bill in your name at the address in question
  • We will also ask to see details of the person coming into the UK, to include their date of birth, gender and full address in their home country. It often proves easiest for you to provide a copy of the passport of the person coming into the UK so details can be taken down correctly and further inspections are not required due to errors in spelling for instance
  • We will require the name(s), date of birth(s), gender(s) of all of persons who already occupy the property

We will then inspect the whole of the property at which you live:

You will be asked to show us around your property, outlining which rooms the current occupiers accommodate.

During the course of the inspection, we will make a judgement on whether the property is suitable, we may ask you to provide additional documentation to support what you have told us.