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HAD is a multi-award winning independent architectural practice and have years of experience in preparing immigration accommodation inspection reports to satisfy the requirements of the UK Border Agency for Entry Clearance into the UK. 

Unlike other independent property inspection providers, HAD are qualified building and property experts and prepare accommodation reports for immigration purposes to ensure special care is taken during every step of the report process so that our customers receive only the best service we can offer. When we receive your request, we will immediately set to work, to ensure you receive a fast and professional service.

What is a property inspection report?

A property/housing inspection report is a document required by the UK Visa Agency (UKVI to demonstrate to the Entry Clearance Officer that you have obtained an assessment of the proposed accommodation for the applicant.

The housing inspection report for immigration purposed will be required for all applications for the purpose of settlement.

 Spouses and civil partners;

 Fiancé(e)s and proposed civil partner;

     Unmarried and same-sex partners;


          Parents, grandparents and other dependent relatives.

Why do foreign nationals need immigration accommodation assessments?

For the simple reason that not having the accommodation assessment can lead to your settlement visa application being refused on accommodation grounds. In July 2012 ancillary visa documentation became far more rigorous. From past experience, clients have chosen to side-step the report in order to cut costs, however the costs involved in obtaining the UKVI housing inspection report would be far less than a refusal of your application.

What do our reports cover?

Our reports run to 4-5 pages in length and we have been producing accommodation reports for solicitors and local authorities since 2006.

Our detailed immigration accommodation report includes a detailed property description, room sizes and details on the
Sponsor and Applicant. We cover the following:


Sections 324-326 of the housing act 1985 state that a dwelling is overcrowded for the purposes of this part when the number of persons sleeping in the dwelling is such as to contravene:

(a)     The standard specified in the section 325 (the room standard),or

(b)     The standard specified in the section 326 (the space standard)



Section 604 in part XVIII of The Housing Act 1985 sets out criterion in respect of determining whether a property is fit for human habitation.



Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) is a tool to assess the deficiencies of a home in terms of the impact on the occupiers. Properties are assessed for 29 Health and Safety Hazards, one of which is Crowding and Space, under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.


Overcrowding is defined in part X section 324, 325 and 326 of the Housing Act 1985, the purpose of the legislation is to ensure that there is adequate space in which to live and sleep in.

Determining whether a property is overcrowded or not depending on the size of the property, the number of rooms and the ages and the gender mix of the persons occupying them. 


What information do we require to produce the report?

We will require the following:


  • Full name, passport number and DOB of the sponsor;
  • Full name, passport number and DOB of the applicant;
  • Landlord/Homeowner details;
  • People currently occupying the property;
  • Identification i.e. driver license, utility/council tax bill, tenancy agreement, also see information regarding property.


If you live in shared accommodation feel free to give us a call to discuss requirements.

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